Software Developer with a passion for building and maintaining digital products.

  • 8 years of active expertise in software development
  • Efficiency at teamwork and agile collaboration
  • Experienced with legacy codebase migrations
  • Proficient with modern practices and technologies
  • Sufficient at long-term development and maintenance
  • Enhancing codebase dependencies and toolchains

Businesses I worked with


My name is Abdalla Arbab. I am capable of building different types of digital products.


Web Applications

Desktop Applications

I have hands-on experience building landing websites, business and marketing websites, blog websites, e-commerce websites, dashboard applications, SaaS applications, and desktop applications.


It all started when I witnessed my college roommate tinkering with Java. It has driven me curious to explore further about coding. The ability to use computer languages to accomplish different tasks in a less amount of time and effort was rather interesting. Shortly, that got me thinking about which software sector I would specialize in because I was studying information technology at university. It felt that web development was my thing so I started to learn the basics of building static webpages.

At that time it was already so easy to find educational resources on the internet, especially for topics that are coding related. I also got to study web development at college and learn how to build dynamic web applications. It was a great push to get me into this industry by the time I graduated. I also got the chance to develop a web application for my graduation project.

Right after graduation, I had the urge to improve my fundamentals. I spent a good amount of months exploring what the web is capable of. It made sense to explore doing freelance to gain experience in this field and the journey of my career began at that moment.

The Power of Opensource

While I use different kinds of Open-source tools in my everyday work. It's nice to spend some time crafting tools that could be useful and a time saver for others. Special thanks to the contributors who helped me maintain them.

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Some of my popular answers on Stack Overflow

In 2017 I joined Stack Overflow which is a huge developers network dedicated for asking technical questions, knowledge sharing, and learning. The overall questions, answers, and comments I posted have been able to reach around 474k developers around the world.
















How can I customize the comment styles that come with Atom One Dark theme?

May 09, 2017

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CC BY-SA 3.0


Datatables global search on keypress of enter key instead of any key keypress

Aug 15, 2017


CC BY-SA 4.0

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